Can we buy a product directly from TURIAN?

Only in Italy and in countries where there is no reseller

Does TURIAN sell products online?

We do not sell our products online.

Tell us a store that sells your products.

Please contact our sales department or see the resellers / distributors on the website.

Can we buy spare parts from your company?

You can purchase them through a distributor or reseller. However, the repair will not be covered by the product warranty.

Can we buy grease from your company?

We do not sell grease.

We would like to replace a joint in use, its designation is not identifiable on your catalog or website. Can you supply an interchangeable one?

We can provide it in most cases. To identify your installed product, however, we need operating conditions and dimensions of the same, preferably if you have the product drawing.

Is it possible to place an order for product repair ?

First it’s necessary a contact  to view the status of the Rotary Joint to be repaired through photos, if you get the OK it must be shipped free port to the nearest distributor and TURIAN, after verification, will communicate if it is possible to repair your product. Depending on the items, the costs of purchasing new products may be less than the repair costs. Attention: each inspection has a cost that will be invoiced even if you decide not to proceed with the repair.

What iHow to store an unused product as spare part?

Wrap the product to prevent entering external entities and store it in a dry environment at a temperature between 10 and 40 °C.

We have an unused product that has been in storage for several years. Is it possible to use it as it is?

If it has been stored for a maximum of two years, using the method suggested above, you can use it as it is. If it has been stored for more than two years, please contact our distributor or reseller for maintenance.

Was the product greased before shipping?

All Rotary Joints with grease nipple are lubricated with grease prior to shipment.

What is the brand of the grease used before shipping?

It depends on the products. For a standard Rotary Joint (listed in the catalog), the brand of grease is indicated on the label attached to the Joint itself.

Can we use a different grease than the one put into the product before shipping from your company?

We suggest to use the same grease as the one put in the product before shipping even though compatible grease can be used.

Please advise us how to re-grease the Rotary Joint.

Restore the consumed grease through the grease nipple. Enter the quantity of grease required for each model according to the instructions, to be requested to TURIAN.

Please inform us about the greasing frequency and the amount of grease.

The frequency of greasing depends on the temperature of the used fluid . Also, the amount of lube varies depending on the size. You can ask TURIAN for the relative instructions specifying the model of the Rotating Joint.

How to get the rotary joint drawing?

The product drawing is available in PDF format. If not available on our website, contact our sales representative or the TURIAN sales office directly.

We would like to get the CAD and 3D data of the Rotary Joint.

Contact the sales department of TURIAN and upon request we can provide the STEP file of the joint of your interest.

We would like to know the dimensions that are not shown in the catalog.

See product drawing for dimensions. If they are not shown on the product drawing, please contact our sales representative.

We would like to get the instruction manual.

For a standard Rotary Joint (listed in the catalog), its instruction manual is available in TURIAN and on our website after registration. For a customized product, please contact our sales representative or the  directly TURIAN sales office.

Is there an inspection report available?

It is available only if requested when ordering.

Is there a report test available?

It is available only if requested when ordering.

Is the product compliant with modified RoHS (RoHS2)?

A standard Rotary Joint (available in the catalog) complies with the modified RoHS. For a customized product, please contact our sales representative.

What is the country of origin of the product?


What can be the reason of early leakage?

Early leaks often occur due to dirty fluid or improper installation method. It can also occur due to an incorrect  product  choice.

What inspection is done before shipping?

All Rotating Joints are visually inspected and tightly tested with compressed air.

Is it possible to use a rotary joint for operation without rotation or low speed (a few revolutions per minute)?

In general, a rotating joint is not recommended for non-rotating operations, while it is also recommended for low rotational speeds. If possible, it is better to use models with elastomeric seals. Contact our sales representative for more information.

Can I use a joint dry running , without fluid?

In general, a standard rotary joint with contact sealing faces is not suitable for dry operation, except for a short time and at low rpm and only if one of the two sealing faces is carbon.

Are the fluid inlet (supply port) and outlet (drain port) specified?

L’ingresso e l’uscita del fluido non sono specificati. Puoi selezionarli in base alla tua macchina.

Which thread direction (left or right) is the best for threading the side of the roller that fixes a rotating joint?

An installation thread must be facilitate tightening when the shaft to which the rotor of the Rotary Joint is connected rotates. Select a left thread for a roller that rotates clockwise when viewed from the installation side of the Rotary Joint itself and select a right thread for a roller that rotates counterclockwise (Note that in case of replacement of an existing model check that this rule has been respected).

What type of bearings does the HT series use?

The HT series is a Rotating Joint that uses carbon bearings suitable for working with steam or diathermic oil at high temperatures.

Is it possible to pass the steam through a product of the GR series?

It is possible to do this, but we suggest using specific models such as the HT.

Is there a product with threads other than those in the catalog available?

It is available, please contact our sales representative about your inquiry as it is handled as a custom product.

Can rigid pipes for connection to the Rotating Joint be used?

NO, use only flexible hoses suitable for the working conditions.

Which products can be used in vacuum conditions?

All items for AIR indicating the use for vacuum (addendum VACUUM).

Do the two-way Rotary Joints include the supply of the internal siphon tube?

NO, no Rotating Joint  includes the supply of the siphon tube. If you also need the inner tube, please kindly communicate all the data necessary to build it and we will evaluate the possibility of providing it.

There are holes on some joints, what is their purpose?

They are used to detect early fluid leaks and they are inspection holes.

Can the product be installed and used with the inspection holes in random directions?

Be sure to install the product so that at least one inspection hole is facing down. If no hole is vertically directed downwards, there will be a delay in detecting any leak, consequently it is not possible to detect the loss in the initial phase.

Can these holes be closed?

Only in the case of a dusty environment, but having the foresight to leave the downward one free safely, connecting a fitting in order to always be able to detect leaks at the initial stage.

Does a flange connection product include a gasket?

NO, this must be ordered together with the Rotary Joint.

What is the expected life of the product?

It depends on the conditions of use (fluid, pressure, temperature and rotation speed). It also depends on the installation conditions of the product.

Can I use the rotating joint under the maximum conditions indicated on the tables or identification plates?

NO, the maximum conditions shown are valid only individually and NOT simultaneously.

What do the RH and LH words at the end of the Rotary Joint code mean?

RH indicates right rotor thread and screwing is clockwise, LH indicates left rotor thread and therefore screwing is counterclockwise.

The rotor of the product just purchased cannot be rotated.

Remember that the starting torque is always greater than the dynamic torque. If the drive torque from the rotor side is less than the starting torque, the rotor cannot be turned.

A substance such as oil goes out of the ball bearing.

After a long period of storage or depending on the working environment,  released oil  from the ball bearing grease can leak out of the ball bearing clearance. Clean it with a cloth. Consult our sales representative if oil leaks have a negative impact on the conditions of use.

Does your company have a rotary joint for dry air?

Models with elastomeric seals are suitable for with dry air operation, other items must be customized Contact our sales representative for further information.

Can a rotary joint with elastomeric seals be used in continuous rotation conditions?

Its use in continuous rotation conditions is only appropriate if the rotation is extremely slow. Since an elastic seal is used, the life of the product is reduced. If possible, select one from the rotary joint with mechanical seals  family.

Is it possible to use a rotating joint from the elastomeric series with steam?

NO for a standard model; for low pressure steam with temperatures up to 120°C, a resulted joint from the standard can be used, but must be specified.

Which part (rotor or body) should be placed on the rotating side or on the stationary side?

Both are allowed.

Are the fluid inlet (supply port) and outlet (drain port) specified?

Entrambe le porte possono essere utilizzate come ingresso o uscita. Both ports can be used as an input or output. However, please note that they are indicated in some custom products.

Is it possible to use a rotating joint to prevent pipe twisting?

Yes it is possible only if a pipe has sufficient strength, otherwise it is deformed before the rotation of the shaft, without any effect.

We cannot manually rotate the shaft of the newly purchased product.

Depending on its size, the starting torque is high and the shaft cannot be turned manually. Please note that a rotation inspection is carried out for all products prior to shipment.